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Professor Algernon

Steampunk Magician

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​Oh yes there is a wonderful back story for all involved.  And you can only find it here!


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This unique show is a combination of magic, slapstick comedy, and occasional historical trivia. This show has brought laughter and amazement to thousands of audiences, young and not-so-young. Set in the late Victorian age, your audience will enjoy all the mystifying phenomenon of that era: ghosts, time travel, and you may even see him pull a rabbit out if his hat! The audience will leave wondering what just happened and wanting more!

While on my search for things that don't exist, I have discovered this:  "If less is more, then nothing is everything." Professor Algernon

Both the show set up and price can be customized for any event, depending on the space and time available. Call/Text Emily Egan (541-519-3250) or email to book your entertainment today!

Professor Algernon's World of Oddities And Wonders Magic Show